September 12, 2009


It has been raining on and off (mostly on) since Wednesday. We needed it so badly that I'm not complaining. It's rained so much that mushrooms are popping up in the garden over night.
Today I finally grabbed my muck boots (you know, the industrial rubber type you'd wear in the mud) from their spot outside, next to the back door and washed them out. They were full of leaves and rain and probably other, grosser things, too. Just to highlight how long it has been since we've had any good rain, the boots have been there a year! I just need to figure out how to dry them now so that I can wear them to the farm tomorrow. I may have to get creative.
I've been spending as much time with Lauren as possible since she's leaving less than a month from now. I don't know what I'll do to keep occupied then. It has been so awesome to have her around on Wednesdays when nearly everyone else is busy.
Not much is new, really. Things are better with Faux Pas. We resolved all of the problems that day, so I didn't have to feel like an asshole for long. I'll have something with some focus to write about soon.

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