June 28, 2009


 I am thinking of becoming a Vegan for a while. I need to re-evaluate my diet and living habits. I have been considering it for a while, but I am a little nervous about it. I'm not sure why, After all, I've been through this sort of life altering decision before, but it just seems like so much more work this time around. I am thinking I will try the 2nd week of July. Casey's half-sister is coming to visit us on the 3rd and 4th, and I don't need any sort of complication there. Right now I am using a couple of different sources as inspiration:

Eat'n Veg'n, the blog of a friend of my mom who loves to cook and is very helpful.
And The Vegetarian Times Beginner's Guide (I've had a copy for 13 years now), which continues to be a valuable resource.

I am going to continue my research online so that I have a good arsenal of recipes and ideas when the time for the switch comes. 

I also need to reduce my alcohol consumption and dedicate myself to exercise. I am not getting enough these days, and it is all for stupid reasons. I bought new lights for my bike today so that I can ride when it isn't 105 degrees outside, and maybe I could start riding it to HEB the nights I realize I have nothing to take to lunch with me the next day. Once I start the switch I will let everyone know how it is going, and how I feel, and what my problems are. I may kick it all off with a 2-day cleanse, but Casey will make fun of me if I do. I promise. 

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