June 25, 2009


 This was one of many 100+ degree days. Jim Spencer, our weather guy, said it was between 106 and 107. As I type it is 91 degrees. It's almost 10:30 pm!  I don't know how much more I can handle! It is hard to do anything. By the time I got out to the horse farm yesterday morning it was already lingering around 99 degrees, and there was no way I was going to put Faux Pas through that. He got to eat apples while I groomed him. Such an easy life!

 So we're not doing much. I mulched the garden beds to help save water and keep our plants alive. It took a couple of days because I broke it up into parts in the evenings and mornings. The plant's production has really slowed down, but we're still getting peppers. I have a Southwestern decor thing going on with all of the cayenne peppers hanging to dry around the kitchen.
 Did I mention that Casey built a greenhouse for my birthday?! He did! Now I have two reasons to look forward to fall. It will be nice to not have to bring all of the plants into the house next year. It gets cramped in here! I am looking forward to putting in shelves and getting things all set up.
 For the first time, we are going to have company staying with us July 4th weekend when Casey's half-sister comes to Texas from Michigan. I am so excited, and kind of nervous, too. I haven't ever had to worry about feeding an omnivore for more than one meal, and there are so many things I think we should do I can't seem to settle on a plan.
 And still - I have to post pictures from my trip to San Francisco! What I wouldn't do have a couple more of those 60 some degree days!
 So many exclamation marks tonight. It is EXCITING!

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