May 20, 2009

 Finally, vegetables are ripening and I am getting things done. 

 The tomatoes are so delicious, and we have tons of peppers growing. There are a few Acorn Squash, and some Honey Boat Delicata. I've picked some green beans, and a few okra. Things are looking good. Casey is a very clever problem solver, and figured out how to stop the nymph stink bugs that were sucking the life out of my tomatoes.
 Casey also has a job now, which is a weight off of both of our shoulders. It may not be perfect, but he seems to enjoy it most of the time.
 I have to say having Lauren down the street is fantastic. Today we got up early and did laundry together (it always helps to have some motivation), after my nap I went out to see Faux Pas, came home and did dishes, and now I trying to figure out how to stash sheets, wash cloths and towels in something other than space bags. Turns out, though they store well, it isn't the best option for things that need to be readily accessible.

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Ted Tullos said...

You sound good honey! A Dad likes that!