November 26, 2008

four day goal

 Casey is leaving for his parent's house tonight, and that means I have four days to play by my own rules. It also means that I have two days of having to get up for work on my own, which may or may not work out for me. We shall see.

 In the next four days I intend to accomplish a few things:
Organize our "pantry" (even if it kills me.)
Clean and organize our bathroom - possibly including the addition of more shelves. I NEED a place to store clean towels.
Sweep this entire house, and mop in the kitchen and bathroom.
Find a place in the shed to lock up my bike so that she is not in our "spare" room.
I am going to get rid of my old TV/DVD player (free! on Craigslist).
Also, organizing bookshelves! And, if I come across something I can spare it is off to Half Price Books for that one.
I am going to my Dad's house early tomorrow to do laundry before our family shows up. Then, I am going to put it away!
Finally, I am going to write a list of people, and the gifts I intend to get them, and then start looking / shopping.

Hopefully, while I do all of this I will find a USB cord for each camera so that I can post some old pictures that are hanging out on my cameras. Maybe some before / after pictures, too.

It seems a little ambitious, but I think that most of these things will only take a few minutes. I could add more, but why over-encumber myself?

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