September 21, 2008

Tomorrow morning the new job starts and I am so incredibly anxious that I don't know if I will be able to sleep. I have the sinking feeling that something will go terribly wrong and I will wind up jobless. Then what? It may seem like I am over reacting, but I do remember a time about two years ago when I was told "this isn't going to work" as I drove to a first day. I still had ONE job, but I had really counted on the second.

I think I would feel better if my physical surroundings were in order (My subconscious just put in its two-cents, and I failed to capitalize both 'I's in that last sentence). I tend to think better that way, though we did get quite a lot taken care of this weekend. The clutter + my tendency to avoid very important things has me freaking out.
Oh, Tomorrow, be over soon! 

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