May 12, 2008

sick sick sick

Saturday we went to the most extravagant wedding I've ever been to. As I ran around trying to correct everything that was going wrong while I tried to get ready, I noticed that the left side of my throat hurt a little bit. We went to the ceremony, and the reception, and once I added some alcohol to my sore throat I was really not feeling too great, and Casey and I left just after 10. I went immediately to bed after we got home and woke up at 4:30 with a fever that I've had ever since, even when I've taken "fever reducers." I got a doctor's appointment in about an hour.
Here's what I hate about being sick, though - I am either cold or sweating, there is no in-between. Just a second ago I thought, "I'm hungry. Wait? Or is that heart burn? Maybe the cranberry juice didn't agree with me and I feel more like I will puke if I eat anything. Or, do I just want a cigarette?" I haven't had one since before 10 on Saturday, so I was thinking about quitting if I could make it to three days. The thing is, I only have ONE cigarette, so does it even make a difference if I smoke it? I know I won't enjoy it since my throat hurts so much, and then it will be gone and not something for me to obsess over anymore. Or is that just the addict talking? Oh well. I know I will give in and smoke it eventually.

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