May 13, 2008


I have lost 5 pounds. Being sick has helped, but I think I could have accomplished the same if I were out walking, horseback riding, bike riding, and eating carefully like I did all of last week. If I have it in me tonight I am going to check on Faux Pas. I may not ride - I am afraid of "over-doing it," as my mom says. I never believed in that until the last time I was sick. I went back to work at least a day too early and the strep did crazy things and the sides of my face, which wound up swelling, and I couldn't turn my head from side to side... WHEW! DON'T want that again!
This is reason #673 that I miss waiting tables. I never got sick. I was exposed to so many germs all of the time and I had an immune system of steel to compete. Take me out of that setting for a scant 7 months and I was sick for the first time. That was January, now I am sick again.. before that I can't remember the last time I had to got to the doctor for a real illness. I think it was right after I moved back to Austin, and Casey and I had just started dating. I had a cough that kicked my ass. But hey, new town, new germs, and I adjusted really quickly after that.
Other reasons I miss waiting tables include: I walk four miles less every day now, I have fewer friends, I heap all of my nerdy knowledge onto four or five people instead be spreading it out amongst many, I have to work much longer boring hours to make as much as I potentially could, and etc. It sounds bad, but there is one more. To sell things, one has to flirt with their customers. I am a HUGE flirt, so it always worked for me. It was a way to exercise demons, or whatever. As a billing clerk I don not need to flirt to get by, and so it seeps out in other areas of my life, sometimes inappropriately, and then I have to find a way to tastefully clean up whatever misunderstanding-mess I managed to make.
Here's to another five pounds, and less illness, eh?

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