April 17, 2008

It is not NaBloPhoMo, but I do have lots of photos I can publish. Casey is taking so many these days that it is hard NOT to post photos.

I AM GOING AT ACL THIS YEAR! So are my Dad, Valerie, Sara, and Casey! It will be so unbelievably cool! In a very hot Texas-y sort of way.

Casey and I are trying to have a Rock Band party Saturday, but the Xbox broke last night! I am going over to clean tonight anyway. Bruh left recently, and in his absence I am going to get that place spic n' span! Plus, I have lots of plant things that need to happen over there!

I am getting incredibly fat. The huge-normous Dr. Pepper I am drinking right now won't slow that down, either. Chloe, the yellow Schwinn, got a new tube last night. Maybe that will help turn back the hands of fat-time. Other than the Dr. Pepper, I have worked really hard this week to eat well, but just the thought of it makes me hungry for junk food, you know?


Lauren said...

Oh, God do I know. I have "tried" this week too. I think I just need some exercise. I feel disgusting.

Ellie said...

I know too. Oh, man. For me it's not Dr. Pepper, it's wine and french fries (not together). I feel disgusting too. What IS it about this... well, in my case, year? My personal theory is happiness. Of course, I eat when I'm sad too. Hm. Scratch that.