April 21, 2008

Dirt under short nails

I have been pulling weeds and sowing seeds for two days, without much to show for it but these pictures. In one you can see the handle of my hand rake, and in the other you can see a large expanse of white ass. All the same, it is proof. What else do I have to show? Dirty, suddenly short nails, raw fingers, and mosquito bites. Oh, and peace of mind. Nothing clears your head of stressful buzzings like ripping up weeds and unruly grass.

I am two-thirds of the way through creating the front bed. So far its seedy occupants include a Salvia that was here when Casey moved in, three bulbs we found growing when we planted the beans, and seeds for butterfly attracting flowers. These will be handy when flowers on our other plants need to be pollinated. And pretty. 
Tonight I planted seeds in biodegradable starter pots to plant later. In the mean time I need to build a bed! Soon!

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