March 14, 2008


Most days that I get to work early or on time move along just swimmingly. I get so much done! Today is off. It's broken. Shit is backwards. Is that enough emphasis?

I got to work on time! Woo-hoo!
Wendy's gave me no cream for my coffee, and I only drink coffee with a lot of cream.
One of the receptionist called in sick. Guess which one? This means I am working until 9 tonight. At least I'll have some extra over time.
Turns out, the other receptionist was having battery problems. Welcome to a world of car-dealership hurt, and office chaos. It's 8:15, and our reports are due at 10:00. Since we're all scrambling to get the phones covered...
Once that is all worked out we enter the last of the necessary items into the system and run "End of Day" so that they are "finalized" and show up on the report, and all the computer does is show us that good 'ole turning hour glass. For five minutes. This normally doesn't even take five seconds.
Okay, now it's 9:40 and End of Day is done and we're all scrambling to finish our shit.
After the 10 o'clock meeting we find out that our check signer is leaving at noon. This means I have two hour two organize 20 checks. I had planned to go to lunch at 11, but..
I finish right before noon, and I'm trying to get the heck out because I need to go to the bank, but I have a friend who's getting his oil changed, so I chat for a second with him and his daughters.
When I get out to my truck I realize I'd locked my keys in it this morning.

Despite how incredibly wrong today is, I'm not too pissed off about it. It must have something to do the amount of super incredible sleep I got last night. I sigh just thinking of it..

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