March 31, 2008


Saturday- Casey and I pulled down some old, rotten wood lattice work, replaced with with wire net, and planted beans. Then I pulled weeds like crazy. It was awesome.

Sunday- I finally started cleaning my place. After a couple more cups of disgusting, and new filters my vacuum started working again, and I used the carpet cleaner on 1/5 of the carpet in my apartment. It looks very nice. I just need to get around to the rest!

Today- I finally got rid of the bottles (Hey, Ellie - look along the side of your fence :) ), all 4 1/2 bags of them, and got rid of the waste from the construction work at Casey's. Awesome, again. All of this after working 11.11 hours today. Not bad!

My favorite songs this week are:

"Bag of Hammers" - Thao
"You Can't Say No Forever" - Lacrosse
"Faster Than Cars" - Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden
"Truck" - the Octopus Project
"Cheap and Cheerful" - The Kills
"Pull Me Out Alive" - Kaki King

I know for sure that all, except The Kills, are available (as of last week) at Fingertips Music. I got The Kills off of iTunes for free a week or two ago.

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