February 17, 2008

Two not very important bits of info:

Like a lot of women, I appreciate a guy in a uniform. Not so much the linen service guy, but the ones that denote authority. Especially if they are in good shape. I cannot help it. It is pretty clear that they are big and strong and can protect me. I am pretty sure that it is hard-wired into me.

When I see an authoritative uniform I do not recognize (how do I know they have authority? They have guns), I cannot help but look. Especially if they are in a place that they don't seem to belong - like outside of a pet store.
So, during my lunch break on friday I was driving past a pet store and saw a very new, very shiny, black Cadillac parked in the fire lane outside of Petco. Two very buff, tan, tall men in uniforms I didn't recognize - with guns - were walking up the side walk toward the store. I couldn't help but think two things: the visual equivalent of "Yum," and "What the hell is going on at Petco!?" So I slowed down a little to watch. Out in front of the store was a table asking for donations, and then a bunch of corrals of dogs and puppies from a shelter. One of the guys was putting some bills into the donation jar, and the other was going straight for a puppy - picking him up to cuddle some. This was really hot on a couple of conflicting levels, and it kind of made me want to cry (WTF?).
What is hotter than a man in uniform? A man in uniform with PUPPIES! I feel like there should also be confetti and a japanese song from an Anime cartoon playing in the background when I type that.

I love that when we sleep, Casey wraps his arm around my waist and holds me really close. His arm fits all of the way around me so that his hand is tucked under me. This makes me feel skinny, and cozy, and safe. However, I woke up this morning really needing to pee, and I couldn't get him to wake up enough to let go of me, and I thought it was going to be disastrous. When he did finally loosen his grip, I found out I was still stuck there because Emma had curled up in the curve of my body and was staunchly against moving a muscle. I didn't even see her ears twitch for quite a bit.
I finally managed to free myself from the clutches of my bed, and since everyone is still asleep I am going to do some yoga. I hate doing it when Casey is around, because I know he'll say something funny and I'll lose my focus. I've tried to talk him into trying it - I think it would be really, really good for him - but he won't go for it. He says he'd feel foolish. Maybe one day.

how can you possibly resist?


Anonymous said...

For me, any guy who is all excited about a puppy is ('would have been' I mean) worth a second look. I mean. Just like if you saw a guy kicking a dog you'd never speak to him again, no matter how hot he was, a guy who's happy about dogs is going to be a good guy, at least part of the way. In uniform? Why, he's a good guy AND he can totally protect you. Sweeet.

Madge said...

what a picture!

Corley said...

Casey's pretty disappointed in me for posting this picture, but I love it.