February 19, 2008

Life Lesson:

If you suggest shots you are generally one of two things:
- Already drunk. You don't need a shot.
- Underage, because you think it sounds cool and like something college kids would do. Which is true - if they are already drunk.

Also, you may very well wake up on the couch at 3:30 am snuggled up to a crusty piece of bread and the Tyra Banks Show.

I think I should not go out after work anymore.

At least I am not underage.


Ellie said...

But if you're already drunk, you don't know you don't need a shot, and if you're like me you'll get really indignant when somebody suggests you don't need to drink more. I find crusty bread very comforting in one's hungover exigencies, anyway. It never judges you.

Sam said...

I'm with you on this one Ellie. I am as likely as anything to slur/shout "YOU DOON'T KNOW ME!" when I am drunk at people who suggest, you know, uh Sam, I think you're really drunk.