February 21, 2008

Debate - 3

"All hat and no cattle," will she ACTUALLY say that Obama doesn't offer solutions?

She did.

And he says:

tax breaks to working class families

ethics reforms

criminal justice works to reverse wrongful convictions

transparency in gov. spending

I will look into the fact checkers later, but if he has done all he says, I believe he does believe in  and display ACTION.

Obama and Clinton are making quite an emphasis on how similar they are as candidates. Wouldn't you want to put a larger emphasis on what is outstanding and different? When they are so close?


Ellie said...

You can't, because, in fact, they are so close. They're walking a fine line between a unified front (viz. no matter who you like tonight, you should vote for whoever wins the primary in the general election! Go Democrat!) and 'no really, elect me in the primary'-- the thing is, this is a party election, and they are both more or less party line. Which is fine with me, because I chose this party to vote for because their line accords with my values. But Hillary is being all negative right now and that is not so great.

Random Kar said...

Did she actually say that??? Talk about condescending to Texans!! I hate when people reinforce stereotypes.