February 21, 2008

Debate - 2

 Immigration. I'm asking for back lash here. Obama, I think, maybe be saying a little like what I think, but I think that we need these undocumented workers. Deport 12 million people from our economy? That sounds like a really bad idea. As a country, we may be worried about outsourcing jobs and the effect that has on unemployment, but I also think that many of those same people left unemployed by outsourcing would not want some of the jobs made available by removing undocumented workers.

On a purely observational note - while Obama was waiting for Clinton to finish speaking he looked like a gazelle really to bolt. He was so alert and ready to comment.

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Ellie said...

DID NOT like the two candidates' approach-- fines? Back taxes? (OK, back taxes). LEARN ENGLISH?! The difference is: suggested, or enforced? If suggested, fine. If enforced? Fuck you. Disappointed in Barack there. Hillary too, but, you know.