October 16, 2007

At least it isn't my hip..

So, I did it. I signed up for NaBloPoMo. It is already giving me heartburn.

Actually, no. That is not what is giving me heartburn. I'm getting old! Not that it is so stressful that it is making my acid reflux act up - just that I have never had this problem before and now I do - pretty much all of the time. At least it is usually mild. To add to that now when my roots show I have less trouble finding my gray hairs. This isn't such a big deal either. I used to look forward to gray hair, but since I just dye over it anyway...

What DOES bother me? The fact that I wake up stiff. This never used to happen. It used to be that I could sleep hanging from the ceiling and I'd wake up fresh as a daisy, but now I can't even sit stiff for long before I need to get up and move. I do not like this.

Did you hear about how Lauren and Casey and I went dumpster diving? Saturday night we were walking to The Parlor from my place (the night was nice and I wanted to finish my drink on the way - NO DRIVING!) I did finish my drink a couple of blocks from my house, and walked to a dumpster to deposit the plastic cup when I noticed a box of books - and then another and another! We cursed the person who threw them away and vowed to return. We did - with my truck - and then spent two hours going through them like it was Christmas. Some are from the 30s and 40s, some are from the early 90s. The guy whose name is in most of them have an educational fund at Baylor set up in his name. A very interesting variety. My whole apartment smells like old books - it is so awesome.

I was very hung-over on Sunday.

Last night I made Eggplant Empinadas. They were awesome. I'm going to be having them for lunch today. Tonight - muffins! Maybe beans too. This weekend we are having a pumpkin party. If you are reading this and you know me well enough to know how to get hold of me, you are invited. Cost of admission is a pumpkin food or drink, or a carving pumpkin. If you have an uber fabulous alternative run it by me. This is all going down 10/20 beginning 8-8:30pm.

I took a bunch of pictures of my "garden" this weekend. I'm thinking of another glamorous blog home tour.

Or maybe I'll finally get around to posting some of the things I've made over at I Make Things.
Or finishing some of the things I've been making or thinking about. I badly want to paint a self portrait.
If I could just pull off vacuuming I'd be happy.


Madge said...

I can relate to it all: the gray hair, the early 20's onset of heartburn, the stiffness (where. did. it. come. from.). Soon you might be able to belch like a boy's boy. I can do that now.

Yay NaBloPoMo! I can hardly wait! I will do it too!

Lauren said...

HEARTBURN SUCKS!!!! I mostly get it when I am in school. But I had the worst, I'm talking worst heartburn the night after the exciting trash party.