September 15, 2007

I haven't had gas to my apartment for over a week now. The complex found a leak last Friday, and I've been suffering ever since. I even to a I even took a pioneer style bath the other night after heating pot after pot of water on an electric hot plate. It took two hours to complete. In the end the bath water was too hot and I had to add more cold. Who'd have thought?

It looks like it will be at least another week before we'll pass the city inspection. I wish that I liked cold showers.


Em said...

Oh man, Dan used to live in this crappy apartment building where the water fluctuated between cold and OFF. He also made me a boiling-pots-of-water bath. Somehow I think it would be less romantic if you had to do it yourself. I hope you get your gas back soon!

Lauren said...

Is it back on yet? You must be on the verge of murderous rage if it isn't. God knows I would be.