September 15, 2007

Dear Damien Rice,

I just wanted to let you know that my previous offer still stands. If today or even tomorrow night you want to go and let me buy you and your band drinks - awesome. Despite the fact that I am about to (at lunch, not at 8 am) fill my "drink too much" quota for the second time this weekend, I would gladly do so a third time if you were involved. Let my family call me an alcoholic! I'll be a bad ass alcoholic who hung out with Damien Rice. So, there you go. I would have told you at ACL fest, but I have no wristband, no day pass. It sucks to be an Austinite when you're too poor to go to local events but people from all over the country manage to make it. I'm sure I'll tell you (actually, anyone) more about it when I've had a few. I'll be right down the street from you and ACL for a while though, drinking with the notorious LK.


The Q

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