May 26, 2007

Now that I am really, really, nearing the end of my time at UT I am already turning my eye towards WHAT ELSE I CAN LEARN NOW. I did the smart thing and went for something I thought would be moderately useful, and it will be. But NOW what will I do? Well, just as I suggested that Casey learn about Automotive Technology once he's done getting his degree I have a list of things I want to learn. Tied for being the first thing I want to go after is an associates degree in ACC's Interpreter Preparation Program or Education. The rest are listed in alphabetical order:

Anthropology - I loved physical anthropology when I took it in college. I like this kind of scientific history.

Art - You all know it - I love making things. This would force me to do so, and I would enjoy every minute of it - unless there was foam core.

Creative Writing - I need work here. The personal narrative and I get along quite well, it is fiction and academic writing that usually stump me. What I was to work on that!

Culinary Arts - I love food. I would like to be able to do more with it.

Dance - My big sister got to be the ballerina. I want a piece of the graceful, rhythmic action.

Geology - I LOVE ROCKS. I had fantasies involving plate tectonics when I took this course my freshman year. I learned more last semester with Oceanography. Hooray Rocks!

Health & Kinesiology - Well, if I am going to go for dance I may as well try for coach or aerobics instructor too. Plus, I find fitness, health, and nutrition really fascinating. Blame it on being a vegetarian athlete (only a tiny, tiny, bit- but I do like to research how a rider's fitness affects elements of equine sports).

History - My brother studied History. I have never been very good at it, and I have never understood why. It is something I would like to know and be good at. I mean, especially if I am going to know, and be good at, everything else!

Jewelery - see "Art."

Music - I miss singing and sight reading. I'd like to be able to add piano to my list, and I'd like to improve my understanding of sheet music. I always just followed the notes instead of reading them.

Personal Fitness Trainer - see "Health & Kinesiology." Plus, I may be able to improve my ability to give riding lessons. And, if I've made it this far down on my list I'll be a very active person, and this will only make sense.

Photography: People - portrait focus - Who do you know with a blog who doesn't also like to take pictures? Yeah.

Radio - Television - Film - Because I couldn't get into the college of communications at UT. I think that my Scandinavian film class makes me a good candidate.

Sociology - I liked Sociology a lot in college. In some of my education courses we very lightly touched on various sociological viewpoints.. Much like History it is something that I want to understand and be good at.

Art Metals - see "Art." Plus, what girl doesn't want to learn to weld?

I think that these will keep me occupied for the rest of my life, but won't I be smart? The nice part is that some of the classes I had at UT will apply, and many of them require the same courses, so I will be able to get to the good stuff quickly. Who knows, maybe with that sort of advantage, it would only take me 20 years.

And the silly part is that I really want to try and do it. I guess I'll go and see an advisor in the fall about resuming the interpreting program. I need to retake at least one sign language course to regain my fluency and memory. Otherwise, I have already fulfilled many of the requirements. Woo-Hoo!

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