May 5, 2007

It sort of loses all its "umph" without the photo or the email..

I have been searching my e-mail archives for an e-mail Madge sent me a few months ago. I have been searching her archives, as well, in search of whatever photo inspired the conversation that went on between us. No luck on either quest. Pretend like I had all of that stuff to show you.

If I recall correctly, I had asked her to grab up any religious paint by number she saw. Or she offered to? This is why I was looking for it. I do know that in the e-mail Madge shared details about her adolescent bedroom and the smothering religious theme tying her design together. So before I dismantle my room to move, here is a tour of the room that scared off a couple boys, because for some reason back at the time of the exchange with Madge I thought this would be a good idea:
sara 002

Welcome to my room. Those boxes under my bed are full of crap I hardly use , like make-up and nail polish.
sara 003
The place I most want to be ALL OF THE TIME. Notice the artwork on/above the nightstand? A prayer candle is just at the edge of the frame.

sara 015
The view of the rest of my room from bed. I know my room so well that I can spot 9 religious artifacts from where I sat.

sara 008
About 4" tall, above my light-switch plate.

sara 010

sara 011
Where I write. On the left is a print Lauren bought me (see detail below). The right is my great grandmother's marraige certificate (see detail below).

sara 013

sara 012

sara 016
More art from Lauren.

sara 017
Books! Marys! Click on photos for links to flickr to see notes.


Madge said...

I love your room. It is like a sanctuary...wouldn't one of those candle stands be just great to have? I think they must have a proper name, but they are the devotion candles or something wherein you deposit a quarter and light your stick and voila...I love the colors, the relics! ;) I just love, love, love it all.

Corley said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a little devoltional shrine (this is the name I am using for it, my mom mentioed the the candles were for social intentions. Still, no one seems to know what this is called), but two things have stopped me: 1) It would assure my chastity; 2) THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!

I wish I could take credit for the colors or the bedding, but that was all my father, I just moved into what he had already set up. I have updated notes now. Go - see!

Lauren said...

First, your father is a genius because the colors just really suit you and your things. Though, I never really realized it until I saw the pictures. Or maybe I had and just forgotten.

I put first cause I thought there was a second, but apparently not.

Lauren said...

Now I remember I just had to see the post again. I totally remember the exchange about the religious paint by numbers between the two of you. No "umph" lost.