April 16, 2007

Random acts of violence

Until I got to work today I was very hurt by something rather minor.

A couple of months ago I bought Casey a few Marigold Grow Kits. Last week we finally put them in their own full sized pots and moved them outside to grow. They were doing really well, and I was excited. I love plants - I really can't get enough of them. We planted some wildflower seeds in pots too, are are watering 2 x a day until they germinate, so we monitor progress regularly. Late last night Casey stepped out his front door to water the plants while I played Hexic.

"What the hell happened to my plants!"
"What the fuck? Who did this?"

Some one had pulled all of the plants out of their pots, roots and all. While we were there!
What the fuck! It REALLY hurt my feelings. It is such a threatening gesture!

And now this. You all know about it by now - It is awful.


Lauren said...

Why would you kill people in college? I don't get it.

Madge said...

Both of these things are sad - I'm sorry about your marigolds.