April 17, 2007

Insomnia? Here's you cure!

Such a long audio post that it is sure to put you right to sleep!
I am pretty sure that there is more time wasted in long pause than there is filled with dialogue.
You have been warned.
I hate this #9


Lauren said...

First off, it does sound exactly like talking on the phone to you except the pauses are usually filled with me talking.

Second of all, I love the part where you say that I am a fabulous person and that whoever doesn't think so is full of shit. I thought, "Has she been drinking?"

Third, that day we had our deep conversation we actually talked about mass murder shootings. I can't remember why.

Fourth, drugs always bring out the best in me too. So don't feel bad.

Madge said...

I have been waiting all week to listen! Oh, the pay off! I think my favorite part was you emphasizing that you're the Queen of Sleep. The Queen of Sleep.