February 14, 2007

Speaking of VD...

Back in high school I had a lot more time, and I hand-made all of the Valentines I gave out. Ask Samantha, she'll verify. (I've always LOVED collage type art)
Anyhoo, my freshman year I made one with the above saying, ransom note style on a brown paper bag heart, and gave it to Tara Stewart, whose parents were aparently pretty strict despite (or because of) her rebellious persona. February 15th rolled around and as we sat in the halllway before classes she awkwardly looked at the floor and said, "My dad threw away the valentine you made me. He said it was inappropriate, and told me to take it off of my wall in my room and I said, 'no,' so he tore it down and threw it away."


That's it, I have a headache.

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Madge said...

High school rules.