January 22, 2007

What would you do?

I had agreed to ask this question for a friend, quite a while ago, and just found this while avoiding homework and organizing things over here:

My friend got a Christmas gift in the mail the other day, from an ex. Their relationship ended over two years ago, but she is still sent gifts at Christmas and her birthday. I'm not talking a gift certificate to Old Navy, either - the most recent is a rare book from the 50s, signed by the author. We're talking gifts that cost hundreds of dollars - Things that she really does want.

Does she keep them?

Does she tell her current significant other?

What would you do?


Madge said...

I wouldn't give anything back, but I would insist that it no longer happens...If her current significant other doesn't know, maybe it would be a good time to share the news. I'm not sure that it's dire her partner knows, but it's always best to be open + honest. Also, she can tell her ex the gifts make her relationship awkward and uncomfortable. I'm sure the ex would/could understand that. Or, she could say nothing and continue to receive these gifts and then just pass them along to you. ;)

Sam said...

I think the gifts sound like innocent (if expensive) tokens of fond feelings left over. I think as long as she doesn't hide the gifts and sends appropriate thank you notes it's fairly innocuous.
I personally don't think there's anything wrong with accepting gifts (aside from overtly sexual things like lingere) from exes.

corley said...

She and the ex haven't spoken in something like two years - since their unpleasant break-up. The Ex doesn't even know where she lives, but instead sends the gifts to her parent's house.

It was made very clear by the end of the break up that she wanted to contact with the Ex. So why this? It's probably been $600 worth of stuff from someone who she won't return an email to.