January 26, 2007

Pitonyak: 'I'm certain I killed her.' - Breaking News

Pitonyak: 'I'm certain I killed her.' - Breaking News

How often do papers get to use a headline like this?

Right at the top of the page in a big red box.

See The Q with new jaw dropping action!

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Lauren said...

What does, "Laura Hall...could not be excluded as a contributor to fingerprints on the Smith & Wesson pistol that fatally wounded Cave," mean? Are there fingerprints are aren't there? And is she going on trial? Furthermore, what did he plead? The innocent don't usually admit to killing people.

corley said...

From what I've read her DNA is on the gun. I understand the statement to mean that she cannot be removed from the list of suspects who handled the gun. Maybe there are fingerprints that they cannot identify - partial, smudged, insufficient - but her DNA is present, so that they may be hers.

He plead not guilty. He asserts he does not remember the murder or mutilation, though he's sure he killed her.