February 14, 2006

I've got a new place to live!

Yeah, that's right, I'm moving into the restaurant!

Okay, not really, but that is how it feels. One of the girls broke her foot and can't work, which means I am working all of her shifts. So even if I wanted to have a life I can't. Did I ever want to smell good again? That's out too - it's grease and garlic from here on out.

I miss the Dallas Restaurant A LOT. I wish I could commute there for work. I even called them tonight to tell them how much I missed them. I really wish I could drive up there Sunday and join everyone for a shift drink on the patio after work. Chain smoking while bitching about customers is my specialty. I would actually join them for their Sunday afternoon bar hopping this time.

And I am so lonely right now I can feel it sinking in my stomach, threatening to turn me inside out.

I dreamt about him last night, but I never got to see him. I miss him.

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