February 12, 2006

It's been two weeks since my encounter with Mr. Meet-the-Parents. I got another email from him last night. So I finally wrote him the email I should have two weeks ago, but preferred not to. It goes a little something like this:

Here's the deal:
You need to learn how to let things breath. The art of space and indifference is one that makes all things more appealing.

I thought that you were a nice guy, and I thought that you would have made a good friend when me met. I was not physically attracted to you. If I had been given the standard "three days," I may have had time to think over that and maybe even change my mind. But you were too eager, and still are.

If I were you I would have gracefully accepted that it wasn't going to work, and moved on. I would have done this the night you found the blog.

The "parents" comment, though I found it threatening, was not the problem. You suffocated me with communication.

And about the blog? YOU found it . YOU chose to read it. (that is where I would have taken my bow, before beating a dead horse.) That's my most honest form of expression. I didn't slander your name, I made sure to keep you anonymous. It was like getting upset because you read my diary and didn't like what it said. It's not changing.

So, no. We can't be friends. It's pretty clear to me now that as much as it seemed not to be so, our personalities do clash.



Emily said...

Wow Corley, I never knew you were so eloquent. I might have to steal your first paragraph to say to my boyfriend.

corley said...

Funny, Mr. Meet-My-Parents didn't have the same appreciation for it.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be on the wrong side of this but I just want to point out that I think enforcing Dating Rules is a silly reason to dismiss someone. I think there is a huge difference between not waiting three days to call and inviting someone you just met to meet your parents. My letter would have read "You made me panic. That is not your problem or mine, just a mis-matching of dating styles." I will however grant that for someone new at this it was a very graceful way to let him down.

Madge said...

What a beautiful communicator you are; I say this as a human -not as a woman!