January 31, 2006

So I Said That I am Not a Mean Person

There is one person I was down right cruel with in middle school. He lived a couple of houses down the street. He was skinny and awkward. The only person I really had any advantage over. I totally took advantage of it, and eventually, though I think other people had had the same idea, he moved to his other parents house.

Eventually he sort of left my immediate guilty consciousness, and I became this pretty nice young girl. Suddenly one day he re-enters my sphere and I felt like a horrible person. He had a class with me, and I even apologized for the way I had been when I was younger. He said it was okay, kids are like that.

Some how that didn't work. Forgiveness is always supposed to work right? Isn't that what stopped the hauntings in Flatliners?

He showed up again this morning. This time as a guy on MySpace, and if it isn't him, oh well, I was still reminded of him, I still feel like shit.

Amidst all this necessitated ugliness with turning down people he has to show up and make me feel worse. It's like a karmic check - don't be too mean, or you know what'll happen.


Emily said...

I think most kids were mean to SOMEONE when they were growing up. I used to kick Mark LaBrayer in the shins in 6th grade science.

Anonymous said...

I used to want to make out with Mark LaBrayer in english class in the eigth grade. You always were a trendsetter.
In other new, remember when we used to make fun of Emily and Angelica and Cromwell? We thought they were TOTALLY posers.

corley said...

I love you BOTH!