August 15, 2005

My Kind of Pillow Talk

So anyone who knows me or has read enough of eleven to seven is familiar with my sleep problems. As Ex. #1 was laying down for a nap just now he called out to me, "Do you remember getting up last night?"

I am unsuccessfully trying to clear out our junk room - I mean study - before school starts Thursday.

"What? When?"

"Last night after we went to bed."

"No, what did I do?" These middle of the night occurrences are coming more and more frequently and getting weirder and weirder, though I usually wake up in the middle of it.

Ex. #1 reinacts it for me as he explains, "You sat straight up in bed and started to get up and I said, 'Where you goin', baby?" At this point Ex. #1 holds one arm up with his hand next top his head, finger pointing at the ceiling, he starts to laugh. "And then, just like this, you said, 'Ah ha ha, nowhere.' and laid back down." Ex. #1 is laughing so hard at this point that I am having trouble following the story, I've laid down with him and I am curled up laughing as well. "It's so funny because you did it twice, both times the same way, and you must have woken up some 'cause you seemed like you felt guilty, you kept apologizing to me for waking me up."

Chances are, like most nights, I was having a server dream. It was probably Sunday brunch and I was the only one on, or something like that. I've just gotten so active lately, I'm lucky Ex. #1 puts up with it.

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