June 8, 2005

The silence was a good sign. We actually closed a day early, however as the realtor handed us the keys the sky turned an ominous shade and opened up, preventing us from moving anything. I spent the next two days cleaning up after "Mr. And Mrs. Clean," as the info sheet called them, and noticed that their son Andrew had been kind enough to leave us with a depiction of his name and a sideways house drawn on our living room wall with another in the closet. I bought a really cool looking plant at a well known home improvement store and went back to have them color match paint to a leaf. I have finish painting our dining nook and it looks much better now that the nicotine and dog stains are gone. I think that the house may have come with fleas, that or I have lots of relatively small mosquito bites. Ex. #1 says that it is not the house that has fleas, but me. Thank you, Ex. #1. My little sister is coming to see me tomorrow, hope she feels like painting - I have four walls to go.

I had a dream about Jennifer last night. It was more about Beck, her boyfriend, but neither of them were in it, it was just about them. We were in their house with was a huge gothic-chic mansion with a blue-ish interior and lots of Edward Gory style artwork. I remember I had wanted to find Beck because I was worried about him and how he would be handling things. This isn't true in my waking life, but in my dream I was afraid Beck would kill himself. He said, when I saw him last, that he might wind up in Denton, TX. I told him to find me! Didn't get ANY kind of contact, didn't give any, MAN I AM STUPID! In about a year I will start posting signs around Denton that read "Beck - The Q's looking for you!" or "Beck - The Q works at ------------" to see if he'll find me. He is such a cool guy, I'd hate to never see him again.

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