April 22, 2005


I guess I skipped a few steps with most of you. We put the offer on the house and they accepted it. Monday we had the house inspected, and other than a few violations of modern code (you can go back and change certain things about a 52 year old house)the house is perfect. We should move in at the end of May.
Because of the new house I have been shopping for ideas about what kind of furniture we should (eventually) get. I decided that I wanted to re-upholster a chair we have and picked out fabric I liked, but couldn't find a how- to (turns out that there is a good reason for that). Samantha sent me to getcrafty which sent me to craftser which gave me 1,000 ideas and sent me to 100 different websites and has me looking through long-neglected books and planning field-trips to Hancock Fabrics.

Thank you Sam, I needed that. Finals week was eating away at my brain and you saved me with an evenings worth of creativity. I love you!

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