February 21, 2005

A Classic Beauty

Today was beautiful here in North Texas. I had to work, but it all worked out well.

When I got to work one of the waiters, G. , told me he loved "my look." When I said, "Oh? Thanks." He tried to explain. "You're skin's great - you're just so paintable." The man used daVinci in his attempt to clarify. I think he might have been looking for "classic?" Anyway, it was a nice thing to hear from a gay man; It gives the compliment merit since I know he isn't trying to get laid.

Later, other servers were talking about how much they had made in tips this morning. They made more today than I make in a whole pay period. Which brought me down, so I decided to let my boss know that I'd be interested in going on the floor. (I think that serving once I week would bring in enough extra money) Of course he followed my request by letting me know that he wanted to let go of two people that work in my area, but added that he would be able to shuffle things around after hiring new people, and would try "as long as I promise to display the same determination and attention to detail I have behind the coffee bar, on the floor." What a huge compliment! That alone made me feel better about the whole thing. I think that this means it will be a good week.

How can it not when Faux Pas will be here in 6 days?

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