February 10, 2005

Almost Adult

That's how I feel. It's a feeling I get when I manage to pay bills on time, complete a well rounded grocery shop, and file my tax return all in one day. I even got to class on time!

It was a little more difficult to make it through the day tobacco free, but I've managed. How many days does it take to get nicotine out of your system? I am pretending to be out of cigarettes, but not rushing to the nearest store to buy some. It's not as hard as I thought it would be and so far I've saved $8.00, which makes me wonder why I never felt so successful when previously trying to quit? Why haven't I been able to do this? After all, I gave up meat without ever looking back, what's so different?

I also feel accomplished today because I found a possible farm for Faux Pas. It is near my apartment and partial care, so I'll be cleaning out his stall and feeding him 1/2 the time, which I think will be a great way to get close to him again, and a great way to get me out there to ride more often. If I can find someone who will loan me a horse trailer, my dad has agreed to drive him up here with me which I think will be fun. My dad is the only person besides Judy, the woman currently caring for Faux Pas, that I would trust to haul my horse 200 miles. I am going to visit the new property this weekend and hopefully it is a decent place that looks safe enough. It sounds like just what I need.

However, this is where I would like to keep faux Pas if I had a job that would pay for it. Notice the picturesque red barn in the top left corner? Check out the photo section, it's like a movie set it's so pretty, and Faux Pas would look spectacular there. If I had my own place this would be it! I may go here this weekend as well, just to check it out and see what I'm missing!


corley said...

When visiting the Rose Hollow Farm webpage, the photos I mentioned are under "Views of the Farm."

Mr. M. said...

I still have "oo, I'm a real-live adult moments" all the time. Now they're more like "oo, I'm a real-live yuppy," however. Like when I bought a pair of $250-marked down to $150 Italian leather shoes in Manhattan yesterday; that was a Young Yuppy Moment. I came home with the gf, I put them on, and we admired them for a while. Then I put on my brand new Banana Republic outfit, and then we admired my shoes against some delicious chocolate pinstriped pants.

I've decided that as long as I can DRESS rich, however, I don't actually need to BE rich. As with many things, it's mostly about the uniform with me. I never really want to BE a fireman, but I sure would like to have a fireman OUTFIT.