January 17, 2005

I had another nightmare last night, and one the night before. Last night's I remember well: I was working in a restaurant and we were working on the presentation of a plate. We were serving dog and the chef suggested that we use Emma as the case display because she is attractive. We did, I cut open my dog and stuffed her with food, and then very gently placed her on a shelf about head level and arranged it so that she looked like she always does when she sleeps. I remember thinking that I would be able to find another dog that looked like her, and I wondered if it would have the same personality. I woke up disgusted.

I talked to Sara last night on my way home from work she was lonely and sad. Her doctors tried a caffiene therapy to break the spnal tap headache earlier in the day and it worked faily well. She was able to take her first shower in days, though she took it sitting down and it exhausted her. My grandparents came and sat with her for a while and my grandmother tried to explain Napoleon Dynamite to her for about 15 minutes before Sara told her that she would just listen. My mom finally let Sara's friends come by, which I think added to Sara's loneliness when it was all over. She'd had so many people around her all day, and than there was no one.
She may have over done it for the day. When I spoke with her she had another killer headache, but she told me how happy she was that I had come to see her, and that she wished that I could have stayed. I tried not to cry while she was on the phone so we talked about what we'll do when she comes to visit me in Dallas once she is feeling better. I think that I may mail my dad a menu from work to show her so she can pick out what she will have for dinner when we go out.

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