November 1, 2004

To update from a couple of weeks ago:
The dinner between my parents and Gabe's went very well. Almost too well. No one disagreed on any topic, no one opposed the appetizer, my mom and stepfather agreed to drink wine (something they never do) and everyone laughed and told stories. I was very happy at the end of the evening, and it seemed like it was shared amongst the rest of the families.
I'm on a narcolepsy medicine now, like I was a year ago, so that I can function during normal hours instead of sleeping constantly. My doctor thinks that maybe I didn't have mono, perhaps I have a sleeping disorder instead. This medication interferes with others that I take, which had to be increased, and so now smoking is a very real threat to my health. I smoke more now than I ever have - of course, and I am struggling with how to handle this. I know that I cannot quit cold turkey. I have failed at that many times before. However, someone the other day suggested that I eliminate smoking in certain places, and as I progress add more places to my list. I'm considering a combo-method. Limit where I can smoke, and how many I can have each day. It has to start tomorrow, so I guess I'll spend part of my evening figuring this out. I guess that it is as good a time as any. I can get to Dallas and not have the habit associated with places where I'll be.
I had a lovely Halloween and took some great pictures that will be posted later. I'm going to Dallas on Friday to visit the properties we're looking at and to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. I need to read Henry V tonight, so I'll have to limit myself to this.
And though I've avoid the discussion of politics thus far I have to say that I cannot wait until this election is over. I realize that there will probably be Supreme Court rulings and such, but I'm looking forward to the end of campaign coverage, and campaign mail, and phone calls.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your dinner went well! I know it must have been stressful for you. Sorry I didn't get to see you this weekend. As always, I will fully support you in your efforts to stop smoking. If you ever need me, you know where to find me.


corley said...

Emily, how much did you drink at Samantha's? I have pictures of us together. Hope your drive home was pleasant.

captn said...

I'm, no doubt, the only person that reads you that is excited that you are reading Henry V.........