June 15, 2012

What are the parts of the scientific method?

Monday is my birthday. I'll be 28 this year. My perception of myself has changed recently. It is not that I feel old, but I do feel like I would stand out in a college class, for sure. I'm not getting carded as often as I used to, or going out as often as I used to, for that matter. I've only ever known how to be young, so this is unfamiliar territory.
We are having a party this weekend to celebrate, and I plan to drink. I'm a little nervous about that. It has been at least two months since I had my last drink (I lost count) [edit: maybe more like 6 weeks], and I'm worried about how I will process the alcohol. Also, how I will feel emotionally, the next day.
It's all one big experiment, I'll try to remember to post results.

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