March 18, 2012

What I accomplished today:

I like to call this, "over doing it."

I failed to take a "before" photo, so the top picture is the half of the planter I haven't cleared out yet. The bottom shows part of the planter, cleared except for some small trees I need to dig out and some ivy that is growing along the fence line. I really want to plant Columnar Apple trees, and I think this may be the spot once I get the trees out of there. It gets plenty of sun, they could act as a screen, and won't grow so high that they would interfere with the electrical lines overhead as some of the trees growing there now do.

Giving potatoes another try. Third attempt, we'll see what happens.

I hope I can be this productive next weekend. If I can, I think I'll have the garden where I want it, for now. At least I won't feel behind anymore. I started all of the herbs today, so I need to dig that bed soon. I also still have two 4x8 beds built but not dug up yet. Oddly, I love pulling weeds. It gives me a chance to work through things, including a little frustration. I don't like heavy digging though, and I have a lot of that ahead of me soon.

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