March 20, 2012

I have regular access to a gym at work, and my gym bag goes to work with me every morning. I have the perfect little yoga set up in our spare room. We have a dog who is crazy about going on walks, several friends and favorite destinations accessible by bicycle, yet I am so sedentary! I haven't figured out how to get around this thing I am constantly doing where work and household needs are put before my health.
I am so tired of being fat, and the way I have gained weight I am afraid people are going to think I am pregnant. I have managed to stop gaining. I need to start losing. The next time I am this round and heavy, I would like to be pregnant. I had promised myself I would get healthier before we started "trying," but there are so many complex emotions behind that that I can't use it as motivation.
I need to figure out what will motivate me. Pinning photos of thin women to pinterest doesn't do it for me. I can't find a good photo example to someone I would like to emulate anyway. Previously I have tried clothing rewards as a motivator, in a gold star chart sort of fashion, but I have never received any of those rewards, and I don't care about clothes all that much.
What do you use for motivation?

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