October 25, 2011

Moving right along..

I have been afraid to write about the house for fear something would go wrong, but here we are! We close next Monday, and everything seems to be on track.
Of course there are things that are not going as planned. Casey is sick. I am really hoping it passes quickly, and that I don't get it because we have a bunch of people coming over to help us bag dirt on Wednesday, and manual labor is no fun when you are ache-y.
Our land lord made us give the house tour to possible renters, but didn't tell us that is what he wanted. Just asked us if someone would be home around noon, I thought to deal with the dog. When the couple showed up before the landlord we showed them around to keep it from being awkward, and fifteen minutes later, while we were in the kitchen, it came to light that he had told her to call him once they were done to tell him what they thought. I don't want to do that again.
We have so much left to pack! But I think I have enough time to get it done. Right now I have all of next week scheduled off of work (subject to change if I freak out about it too much) to help wrap things up.
Great news: our friends dad is giving us a washer and dryer for free! I have a washer now that is tiny, and I line dry everything. I am so excited about a real washer! For the laundry room!

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Sam said...

If you guys need more help packing or moving we have furniture dollies and a truck at our disposal.