October 24, 2010


I realized today JUST how long it has been since I've written anything. I only realized it by thinking of Lauren's blog, and then finding out how far behind I am. I thought of Lauren's blog because there was nothing new on Facebook. Sad, but also really indicative of what my life has been like for the past few months. I am so busy at work that I only have a minute of two to look up what is happening to everyone. I haven't been to my favorite urban homesteading blog in four months. There is some stuff I need to cover, I know. Just to get you ready, being married is awesome.


Madge said...

congrats! also, *like*

The Q said...

OOOh, I just finished catching up with you, Madge! Don't worry about the birth anncouncements, just wait and send out 1st birthday invitations.