June 1, 2010

Not for men

Guess what happens when you get lazy and run out of undies because you haven't done any laundry in a while? Well, if you decide you can totally make it commando ONE DAY and you head off to work in jeans you will start your period. It is like bad luck magic!

It is times like these I wonder if I will ever grow up. I swear I was keeping track! It wasn't supposed to happen for another three or four days. Total surprise.


Ellie said...

I got hit with an unusually ferocious bout of the same affliction in the middle of teaching a third period English class full of ninth graders. I had to sit there in my chair with a growing sense of doom and wait until they'd all left the room before I stood up. I had underwear on (brand new and white, of course), but it didn't really matter... what made all the difference was the very dark pair of jeans. I hope you survive without too much agony!

Lauren said...

Oh, sorry I didn't warn you. And May had 31 days.