March 17, 2010

Remember back when I waited tables and I hated people? When I threatened them with decaf coffee over demands for banana bread?
I THOUGHT that was hate, but it was a mild annoyance, like a gnat in my ear. NOW I hate people. So much it hits me in the chest like acid reflux.
Just thought I should warn you.


Anonymous said...

Is this call center hate or real KKK hate? I remember serving people food made me want to start cutting myself.

Korey said...

Hmm, I thought you seemed friendly back when you waited tables. Did I turn you?

The Q said...

Korey, the hateful period was while I was waiting tables in Dallas, not Pflugerville.
MP, Call Center Hate is a powerful thing. It demands capital letters.

jes said...

I used to have big time Call Center Hate when I worked for MCI. My favorite thing to say to people when they didn't want to switch their long distance carrier to MCI was, "So you're saying you don't want to save money?" We learned that in training class.

At least these people call you... outbound is even more brutal.