December 5, 2009

There wasn't any snow to speak of - maybe a flurry or two up at work - after all of the hype this last week. Oh, well. We did have out first real freeze last night which has affirmed a couple of things for me - I really do need to go and buy the shrink wrap window kits (even though the only place I KNOW they have them is Wal-Mart, and it is kinda the last place on Earth I ever want to be. In fact, I haven't been there sine the last time I bought window kits, last year). Also, the greenhouse needs a little bit of tweaking. It, too, has a drafty spot, and that led to sub-freezing temps inside. The potted basil is a gone-er, but the rest of the plants in there looked okay. They'll get a little extra attention tonight, and maybe I'll buy a heat lamp or out-door safe space-heater.
So far I haven't accomplished any of my monthly goals, but I am hoping to soon. this month Vegetarian Times has a few recipes that are good for freezing and re-heating later, and I think I'm going to give them a try. Indian Samosa Casserole sounds amazing (unfortunately, since it is a BRAND NEW recipe, it is not available to link to yet). I'm also thinking about starting my first ever Christmas letter to go in Christmas cards I'm hoping to remember to send out this year (fingers crossed!).
Now, off to start a letter to all sorts of current and future family!

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