December 14, 2009

Michael Paul says that only Southerners are friendly, and from what he can tell, the rest of the world thinks that we're a bunch of idiots walking around smiling and waving at people. That is kind of how I feel with our new neighbors.

When I think back, it took us a while to get to know Brad and MC, our old neighbors. However, they would talk to us occasionally about the landlord, or pets, something we had in common. Every time we had a party we would let them know about it, and the fact that they were welcome to join. When they first moved in, we told them that if they EVER had any problems with us, especially if it was a noise problem, to come and talk to us, rather than calling the cops (That is a good agreement to set with neighbors).
So the new people... I just don't think that they are as outgoing as we are? It's hard to decide what to call it. Last night we had a little fire going in the back yard, and some friends over. When the woman living next door walked by I let her know that if they wanted to join they were more than welcome, she said, "Okay, Thanks," and then walked in the house. The new neighbors keep all of their blinds open, so we could see them (I was really trying not to stare) make dinner, sit down by the computer and go to bed really early. This is how it goes every night.
It is weird how much I want these people to be our friends. I can't tell if it is because of where they live or if it is because they seem like interesting people. Maybe it is because their house is practically empty, and I'm wondering what they are going to do about that. I've started wondering if maybe they think that we are weird? Maybe all of the composting and hanging laundry isn't cool to them. I don't know, but it is such a downer feeling like a stray that people are ignoring to see if it will go away.


Sam said...

We've had a really similar experience with pretty much all our neighbors since we've lived here. None of them ever accepts our dinner invites, stops to chat or anything.

Corley said...

I am so eager to know these people that I almost ran out into the backyard yesterday when I saw the neighbor outside playing with their dog - like a nagging little sister, or that younger neighborhood kid that no one ever wanted to play with because he always cried.

MP said...

From the people I've met, canadians, new zealanders, and southerners are all smiley friendly people. I've learning that you can knock down the meanest of asians by staring at them in the eye and smiling. It's like emotional overload for them.