December 22, 2009

Boys and Long Hair

Mr. Adventure has long hair, past his shoulders. This is the first time in his life that he's had this much hair, and I have been trying to teach him the ways of long hair, but it isn't working. He just won't listen.
The ways of long hair? If you are female, you may not even realize how much you know. If you are male, you just don't know yet.

1. When hair comes out while washing or conditioning (I did win on that one - he conditions his hair now), do not let it go down the drain!
It's a little gross, but I wad up the hair I've shed and stick it on the shower wall. When I am done with my shower I do my best to remember to throw it away. Sometimes I fail, and I apologize for that. I would rather have it stuck to the wall than stuck in a drain. I am tired of cleaning out the drain so frequently.

2. Drying.
The other day I walked in to the bathroom to catch Mr. A drying his hair the same way I dry the dog after a bath. A frantic all over rubbing with a towel. This is just asking for tangles! There is a reason that the towel-turban style exists! It soaks the water out of your hair without excess tangling.

3. Leave-in conditioner works best when applied before combing hair.

4. I said COMBING, that's right. If your hair is wet you comb it. Start at the bottom and work your way through tangles to the top to avoid the breakage that leads to frizz. If it is dry, you brush - but you still start at the bottom and work your way up.

Incorporating these ideas would likely only add three or four minutes to his routine. He could let his hair dry in the towel while he irons his clothes for work, and then add leave-in and comb. The thing he is most against is the idea of combing, or my insistence that he start from the bottom. He just doesn't buy it. Can anyone think of something I left out?


Lauren said...

I never comb. I know. Even when my hair is wet. I hate combs. Anyways, I always start from the bottom. I also love leave in conditioner (before brushing), but I don't have any here. :( Good thing I cut all my damaged hair off. That would have been a nightmare.

The Q said...

That reminds me - I meant to get a haircut today. :(

Korey said...

This is why I cut my hair. I liked having it long, but it's just way too much maintenance. I really don't have the patience for it.

Plus I got tired of people assuming that I am a hippie.

Anonymous said...

It's weird having to comb my hair now. I used to be able to just wake up and walk out the door. Now I have to check to see which side I slept on and comb it down from the 45th floor of my head.

The Q said...

Watch out, Korey, or the hippies in the room might get offended! ;)