November 12, 2009

Normally, I am not a good dog owner. Not that I am a bad one - Emma eats twice a day and has fresh water, she has a comfortable bed, and goes out regularly - but we don't go on regular walks, and I don't take her everywhere like I used to when she was young. I don't sit down and really love on her regularly, either. So, I'm changing that for however long is left -months or years. It is not hard to add a small walk to our days. I did yesterday and today and the world didn't implode. I think what keeps me from walking her normally is that I WANT to be able to take her on the long walks she likes. The four to five mile kind where we stop to see if Ellie is home.

We are planning to do SOME sort of benefit, or Emmafit, as Casey has dubbed it, to help pay for the surgery. Yesterday's appointment plus next week's surgery is coming out to around $1,000.00, and that is a little much for us right now. We have already had some very generous donors, including Emma's grandparents on both sides and her uncle, Walker-Dog. If nothing else there will be Emmabelia (thanks to Phillip for coining that last night), like a signed poster, maybe a T-shirt.

Thank you for the well wishes. I'll keep you guys posted next week as I get more news about what we're dealing with.


Ellie said...

We are so down for an Emmafit! And we're at home a lot and we miss all of you.

jes said...

I really hope Emma is okay. This made me cry (I probably would have cried even if I wasn't full of 7 months worth of pregnancy hormones)... I love her and she deserves the best!! What's funny is I was reading your blog previous to this and was already thinking to myself, "no, Emma has to live... I'll organize a Save Emma Fundraiser!" and then the next blog was already about that! :) (great minds think alike, for sure)

We want to help in any way we can. I don't have a job and LOTS of free time so please let me know what I can do to help with the party or anything!!