November 14, 2009

My Narcoleptic Life

Narcolepsy means waking up after dozing around 6 am SURE that someone just set off fire works in your house because your ears are still ringing from the noise (that no other creature in the house is reacting to).

This is why I would hate living 100% alone. I need to at least have a dog so that when there is a noise that is frightening or potentially threatening (I used to hear the sound of people talking, upstairs, and someone knocking on a window at one in the morning) I can look to the dog to see if it hears it too. I would go crazy living alone with exhaustion induced auditory hallucinations.

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sans_sanity said...

Oh, you're not crazy. The rats have started using my fireworks in an attempt to demolish the barrier I put up. The dog and I didn't react because we're used to it.