November 30, 2009

I'm sure Jes is mad that I skipped two days. To be honest, it totally slipped my mind, the first day. I started this post yesterday, but never finished.

Sunday we moved some stuff into storage, and moved Christmas stuff out of storage and I started to set up the holiday decorations. This year I am going to remember to use my holiday themed towels. WE have garland up, and glittery snowflakes hanging from the kitchen ceiling. It is so festive. I just need a couple of poinsettias or statue-like Nutcrackers (or both) for the front porch.

I ignored Weight Watchers for the last couple of weeks, so I am logging again this week. I'm sure I'll ignore it again at Christmas, because I have a food problem. My main problem is the points I drink. The soy creamer in my coffee and the wine / beer I enjoy. (Today I had tea instead of coffee. I LOVE Earl Grey. Does anyone make an Earl Grey Perfume? I know it is 90% Bergamot, but there is more to it than that.)

We have new neighbors moving in today. Rumor has it, they lived the last year on a boat. When we first met them, I told Casey they looked like they were from the North West. You know that trendy cold/damp weather look I'm talking about? It probably didn't hurt that it was wet and gray outside. Anyway, I was right, the guy is from Oregon. They drive an old van and ride bikes. She has red hair and they wear scarves. I may be making some of this up.

I still haven't heard from the Vet about Emma, but we go tomorrow to take out her staples so I am sure I'll find out then.

I'm having trouble believing it is already December. Goodbye, November!

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jes said...

haha - I think technically you only skipped 1 day, and yes I did notice :)

Not that I have any room to talk with my non-bloggityness :)