November 27, 2009

I think I am going to challenge myself to getting to work early every day until Christmas, starting tomorrow. I also need to make some sort of rule about how many days each month I am allowed to leave early. During the slow season we have lots of opportunities to take off early, and I can't really afford to do it too often.
I think that I should make December a very structured month, otherwise I might just lose myself in all of the Chaos.

Things I want to accomplish next month:
Plan and pull off one week of meals.
Plan pull off a holiday dinner with friends using the Vegetarian Times Holiday Menu.
See the horse twice a week.
Additional work out at least once a week.
Go to Boggy Creek Farms for greens.
Put air in my bike tires and go for a ride.

Things I want to accomplish this weekend:
Put up Christmas and make our stockings.
Go through clothes and pull out what doesn't fit anymore.
Put away clean laundry.

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jes said...

If you ever want company at the horse farm on a Wednesday lemme know! I can't ride, but we could still make some trouble :)